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About Focus Points 
Focus Points programs bring curated content and transformational coaching practices together within an interactive, collaborative, and self-directed structure that make learning engaging and meaningful for adult learners. Best of all, Focus Points programs are designed to help you move the needle on the things you’re most passionate about.

Who are Focus Points programs for?
Focus Points programs are designed for organizational leaders, teams, and motivated individuals desiring online programs that go much deeper than training. Within these collaborative learning communities you will meet others, like you, who are seeking meaningful, impactful learning experiences that create lasting change.

Focus Points: Jumpstart

Turn your ideas into actions.

About Jumpstart
Jumpstart is a program of coaching and facilitation that turns big ideas into actionable results. Through eight weeks of one-on-one coaching and facilitation, you get the structure and support you need to activate your ideas. Jumpstart turns thoughts into plans and plans into action.

Who is Jumpstart for?
This program is designed for individuals or teams who have been stalled in launching new endeavors because they’ve lacked the focus and needed help to get it done. Whether you’re a solopreneur ready to launch your next product or a team leader at a large established business, Jumpstart is made to help you move from idea to successful execution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unless otherwise noted, most programs have rolling enrollment that enable you to begin at anytime.

Cohort-based offerings are available for groups or teams. Contact us for more information.

The cost for each program varies. See our program listing for details.

See our program offerings for registration information for each program.

All Focus Points programs use the best features of adult learning theory to make your project successful. One-on-one coaching enables you to set goals, identify hurdles and make a customized plan. Expert project facilitation guides you (or your team) and keeps you on track. The online facilitation platform connects you with other participants so you can learn, collaborate and help each other move forward. You get an accountability partner to help you keep your focus and make progress.

All Focus Points courses are hosted and delivered within the platform.

  • Videos take place using Zoom, and reminders and links for Zoom sessions are sent out via email one day prior to each session (as well as 10 minutes before).
  • Once you are registered for a Focus Points course, you will receive a URL/link that is sent to you via email. Follow the URL/link to the “Start This Course” button and you are set to go.

To attend the group calls, you’ll need either a computer, a tablet, or a mobile device that is equipped with camera and sound, capable of video recording.  It’s helpful to have a computer or tablet with a keyboard to work on the content within the modules.

One-on-one coaching is provided by Dr. Kristen Albert. Kristen holds a diploma in Ontological Coaching from the Newfield Network and a Doctoral degree from the University of Delaware. She brings experiences as a life-long educator, a counselor, and an entrepreneur together to provide life coaching, leadership coaching, and coaching for executives and leaders in education, business, and industry.

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