Develop the leader’s edge.

How can executive coaching help you?

Successful executives lead and thrive in unique and complex environments. Turning Points coaching for executives and business leaders supports the creation of a new breed of individuals who are approachable, candid, authentic, courageous, decisive, and gracious, among other desired attributes. Discover what makes you unique and how being true to who you are brings genuineness to your leadership.

  • Work smart, not just hard
  • Capitalize on your EQ
  • Get better at having the hard conversations
  • Learn how to get the results you want
  • Lead from the core of who you are
  • Build your confidence
  • Find your voice
  • Create trust and collaboration with your team

Strategic Conversations

Specializing in work with small to medium sized non-profit boards, let Turning Points help you get to the root of what matters, so you can better understand where you are, where you want to be, and create an actionable strategic plan to get there!

Team Facilitation

Recognizing that organizational health is the key to overcoming disconnection, dysfunction, and reduced productivity, let Turning Points help your leadership team to overcome what is getting in their way of getting the job done!

Focus Points

Does your team need support in launching a new endeavor?

Focus Points: Jumpstart gives your team what they need to focus and get it off the ground. Jumpstart is a program of coaching and facilitation that takes your team from idea to execution in just eight weeks. Your team will have access to individual and team coaching to set goals, identify obstacles and make a plan. And it’s all delivered in an online platform that structures the process, connects you to resources and creates forward momentum.

Learn more about Focus Points