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For all intents and purposes, Turning Points President Dr. Kristen Albert was living a life many aspire to live. She had earned a doctoral degree, was working as a professor in a University setting, was a leader in her work and in her church, was well liked, and an inspiration to many. Her work was excellent, but not wholly satisfying. She was highly successful in her field, yet she knew she had gifts to explore. She had created a success story, yet things didn’t feel right.  What was going on and what could she do to figure it out?

Kris began working with a coach who began asking some really interesting questions, like “why do you work?” “What’s important to you?” “Why are you doing what you’re doing now?”  “What would your ideal day look like? How would it feel?” “Why not start now?” In answering these questions she realized that satisfaction and fulfillment doesn’t come from achieving what others validate as important; satisfaction comes from choosing ways of living and working that align with who you are and what’s important to you.

She discovered through being coached, that she already knew the answers to those questions, but she wasn’t even asking herself those questions. And not only that, she realized that by working with a coach she could discover what she wasn’t seeing—what was keeping her stuck in old habits and thought patterns—and that she could choose differently.

Through coaching Kris learned how to live each day with purpose, fully aligned with her values, and her vision. The saying “you only live once” is true; life is too short to live wishing for the day to come when you will be able to live wholeheartedly.

And through her journey, Kris found that she already possessed the gifts and skills, developed over a lifetime of career and leadership experience, that when partnered with achieving a certification in coaching, brought her to this place as an Executive, Leadership, and Life Coach.  And she has dedicated her life to helping others discover what is holding them back from living their best lives, being the best leader they can be, and finding their own path to making a difference for themselves and others. She helps her clients learn how to live and work fully satisfied.

In what ways are you dissatisfied with how your life or your work is going? Perhaps Leadership Coaching will put you on track to do your best work in a job that you know you are meant to do.  Perhaps you are not sure what Coaching can do you for you, your life, your work, and your relationships? Schedule a free, no-pressure conversation with Kris to share what you’re hoping for and see if coaching with Kris is the right fit and the best next step to get you to where you want to be. Let Kris help you do achieve what you have only imagined—that you can live and work fully satisfied and aligned with who you truly are.

Kristen holds a diploma in Ontological Coaching from the Newfield Network and a Doctoral degree from the University of Delaware. She brings experiences as a life-long educator, a counselor, and an entrepreneur together to provide coaching for executives, and leaders in education, business, and industry, and life coaching for everyday people with hopes and dreams.

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What clients say about their coaching experience.

Dr. Albert gave me tactics to use that I would not have thought of without guidance. By guiding me to a different answer, she helped me see the positive in situations I once viewed with pessimism. I feel comfortable with this practice enough now to help others to see positive outcomes as well.
Cher Rineer
Kris believes in the person that I am becoming and challenges me to live in a new reality that forces me to step outside of my comfort zone. Kris is the kind of coach that won’t allow me to quit, but asks me to look at the hard work of life with curiosity and wonder.
Deborah Cone Halsey
Kris has a unique and comfortable way of helping you understand “YOU.” She is skilled at helping me to understand what motivates me and what fundamentally makes me happy. This helps in making good life choices.”
Karen Peiffer
Kris is my biggest advocate. She believes in me and truly is committed to the change I want to make. She has encouraged and helped me to reflect and ask questions of myself. Most of all, she’s helped me wonder about new possibilities and how to turn possibilities into realities.
Steve O'Neill
Kristen has a unique gift for helping people to find and develop personal and professional visions that will allow them to realize their fullest potential and to develop the hidden mind-sets and skill-sets that they possess.
Brian Schell
Thanks to Kris’ coaching I’m on a direct path that will lead me to reaching my full potential. Not only in a professional atmosphere, but in my daily life as well.
Justin Klinovski
Hiring Kris as my coach has been one of the most impactful decisions in my career. I started coaching to gain confidence and a sounding board, and have gained so much more than that. Over the last 2 years, I have grown immensely as a leader, and it was driven by her strategic questions and approach to coaching. Coaching has been a great investment in both my personal and professional growth.
Leslie Wireback
Choosing Kris as my business coach was one of the best decisions I have made in my business! Not only has she helped to give me the confidence, skills, and encouragement I needed to embrace my inner entrepreneur and go for my dreams, but she has also challenged me as a woman to take control of my life. Kris has opened me up to resources, people, and ideas that have helped me turn corners in my business. Every person needs to have an “A-Team” in her life — Kris is on mine!
Tansy Rodgers